Where have I been??

Hello my loves, I have not been able to post for 1 whole week now….. but I am back… I have enough material to last a lifetime.

On Monday night, I went to get some superglue, I bet you can guess where the story goes, however I will indulge as let’s be honest. what is more stupid then getting superglue in your eye!!! – I cut the tip of the superglue like you are meant to, unfortunately the first mistake I made was using blunt scissors, the second mistake I made was wiggling the top trying the break the seal….. Needless to say it did indeed open, on the forward swing and coming at me was the contents of the 5ml bottle.

It was literally a split second, I couldn’t close my eye in time, not even a blink could save me….. cue intense burning pain and my eye superglued shut…. I called 111 and they asked me what I had done and asked if I had intended to superglue my eye shut. I promptly told Julie, ‘if I had intended to glue my eye shut, I wouldn’t be calling 111 screaming in agony’ I was told off for being aggressive, but assured an ambulance would be dispatched. I was told not to do anything or take anything as the ambulance would be giving me something on arrival. – I have been in an ambulance more times then I can remember, I have been given every type of painkiller they have, my personal favourite is IV paracetamol alongside gas and air.

An hour had passed and the right side of my face started swelling up and my face was on fire, I was told if my symptoms got any worse to phone 999 back. So I called them back. I told them the story from the beginning. My eye was in agony and I mean agony, it felt as if someone was pushing a needle through the middle of my eye. Again I was asked if I superglued my eye deliberately. Finally 2hrs late I heard sirens, I thought thank God for that…..!

The sirens weren’t for me, well they were but they got diverted to an emergency just as they reached the estate where I live. I couldn’t make it up if I tried. I remember promising to myself if they came I would be a nicer person, more patient, etc etc.

Eventually 2.5hrs after my first phone call my phone rang. by this point I couldn’t open both my eyes, the operator said on the phone that an ambulance couldn’t come for another couple of hours as they were really busy. It was a Monday night…… anyway they offered to pay for a taxi to the hospital. I agreed on the basis that they would see me pronto and I wouldn’t have to wait as the taxi was in place of the ambulance. Another 45min later the taxi came. I dived in and told him to drive…. he belted me in, I literally couldn’t see.

Whilst on the phone the paramedic said to take painkillers and any medication I was due to take. I took tramadol, anti inflamatories and swigged on the oramorph I had. There was the smallest teaspoon in the world left.typical!

I got to the hospital, in double quick time, the taxi driver didn’t hang back and at one point we were topping 80mph. I only know that because I wrenched open my good eye to look as it felt quite fast. As I registered at A&E, I was put in a wheelchair and parked in the waiting room. Ben phoned me and asked what the update was, I told him I was still waiting in A&E and hadn’t been seen yet, he called 30min later. He phone the a&e department and asked why I was still waiting, they assured him that I was next.

After 3 further names were called, Ben called them again and told them that if they didn’t look at my eye, he would call the ambulance. Low and behold they didn’t realise the ambulance sent the taxi….. I couldn’t believe it! I was seen straight away and the nurse assessed me and said I needed to see the doctor. By this time it was midnight and I was  given two paracetamol….! The doctor looked at me, put drops in my eye which were like instant relief. I was then able to open it..! I asked the doctor if he was married as he had provided me with the miracle…… jesus I can be such a knob sometimes.

He popped dye in my eye and told me I had damaged the cornea, I was asked to do an eye test and he was surprised I could see as well as I could. He told me that an opthomologist would call me and arrange an appointment within 48hrs.

3 days later no phone call and my eye was blurry, I called my GP who reffered me to my local hospital which has an eye department. I would be called that day. A week later I didn’t have a phonecall. I called the best eye hospital with an emergency department and they made me an appointment but told me I couldn’t drive. Ben was talking to his boss’s boss about a large scale project so couldn’t take me.

I cancelled but made one the following day, I went in and after waiting 3hrs and told nobody could see me as they were more emergencies, we left. So my eye is no closer to being looked at, it’s so itchy and irritated, sensitive to light and steam! – I only know the steam as I opened the oven and the steam wooshed out and my eye was like I don’t like this….!

So I can now look at screens and get back to work…….. I may have to wear a patch to strengthen my left good eye as it’s lazy…….. but apart from that lollll….. I will blog more about other adventures I have had in the last 7 days since I posted.


RIP Zenny

Zenny - Hide and seek.jpg

Zenta – Gone but never forgotten

I haven’t posted for a couple of days because our family dog passed away. He was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and needed a toe amputating. £400 later his toe was removed and his cancer cleared.


Roll on a couple of months and he’s at the vets with a tumour on his spleen that has ruptured. I feel guilty it’s my fault. That picture was taken the day he died, I was getting everything ready to take him back home to my sisters. He decided to play hide and seek, not very well as you can see from the photo. Instead of loading him straight in the car, I decided to take him on a little walk. Not a long one, but he was running around like a puppy, he walked wonky because of the toe he was missing.

When I got him home, he was making some funny noises. This is a dog that has bounced back from death more then a few times, we didnt think anything of it. I picked my two dogs up from my mums and left, I fogot to say bye to Zenny.

My phone rings and I can hear my sister is upset, I knew instantly. The vet took the phone of my sister and confirmed the findings. I felt intensly guilty for walking him, maybe it was that that finished him off, maybe thats what ruptured his tumour. I was hysterical. My husband came from upstairs and asked what was wrong, he thought my mum had died. I can’t begin to express the grief I feel.

I managed to say a few words to him before he left, I told him I was sorry if I made it all worse. I loved him and that his memory would live on for us all. He died peacefully with my sister by his side.

Zenny was a dog my best friend gave me a week after I lost my previous dog Sammy, which was 10 years ago, he was 2yrs old at the time and he helped heal the hole Sammy had left. Sammy was my mum’s dog and Zenny was mine, over the next few months he came everywhere with me, slept with me and we bonded. About a year later  I went away for a couple of weeks and when I came back he was my mums dog, would follow her everywhere and that was it, he chose her not me. I was ok with that I figured it was my mum who needed him more then he needed her. I moved out in 2012 and my sister moved back home in my place after she graduated from uni. After a short period of time he was my sisters dog. It was crazy, he doted on her and she doted on him. He would cry if she left him, would follow her everywhere. My sister was diagnosed with asperges and he helped her through it. They had this bond both me and my mum didnt have. So really when I say it’s like a family member that’s passed I really mean it! He really was special!

The day I dropped him back home, it was weird. My dog doesnt usually like him, they wind each other up. I mean if my dog got a treat he would fine Zenny and eat it in front of him. If he walked to near Zenny, Zenny barked his head off. Jonsi had this weird thing of sniffing him, my mum named him Dr Jonsi. Anyway usually when I walk through the door it’s chaotic. All the dogs run up to say hello, sniff, lick and bark. That day was different, it was calmer. Jonsi sniffed Zenta very intesnly, didn’t jump around, didn’t say hello to me, just concentrated on him. He didn’t bark, it was almost like they had a truce. – My dog has been sullen ever since, both my dogs surrounded me as I slept last night and hadn’t moved when I woke up. Jonsi is in bed upstairs and Marney is down here curled up in a duvet.

I want to share something less somber as a final note. Zenny had this thing for tennis balls. He would steal them off anyone and proceed to destroy them. Where we used to walk him in large fields, river etc, he would chase after other dogs balls. So an owner would throw a ball, Zenny invited himself to play catch and then never gave it back, he would run in the opposite direction. My mum got wise and always took brand new ones to swap. There was always one or two people that took offence to being passed a new one, they wanted the scraglly one their dog had. To the day he died, he never gave a tennis ball up on his own, he took them home all chuffed as larry and happilly tore them to pieces. ❤

May you chew all the tennis balls you can……..






Daily Prompt: Waiting

via Daily Prompt: Waiting

Waiting, is a word I can honestly say I can relate a large part of my life to… waiting for things to get better, waiting for good news, waiting for that special someone to see the message I sent them, waiting for a response.

Currently I am waiting for my carpets to be cleaned. I am waiting for my business to be successful, I mean it’s only 1 day old and yesterday was more successful then I earned in two days in my old job. However, today I was waiting to make a sale, waiting for the right people to grab the opportunity. Waiting to call that person back because they were currently busy.

It’s what you do in that period of waiting what counts. I mean I’m waiting for Mark my carpet man to clean the carpets and switch off his noisy machine so I can follow up on some calls, I did right a blog about my adventures yesterday but deleted it accidently as it was the first time I blogged from my phone. Instead of re writing it I am waiting and instead writing a short blog about waiting……

The day I caught Pikachu….

We’ve just got in from a ramble at Old Sarum castle in Salisbury with both the dogs….. no dramas, which is amazing and I caught a pokemon, pikachu to be precise…. needless to say I felt down with the kids for a couple of minutes before I realised Jonsi my husky had noticed another dog coming bolting in our direction…. and proceeded to bolt forwards!

Jonsi is moulting at the moment and if anyone has ever had a husky they certainly know what I am talking about when I say he is blowing his coat. I had brushed him earlier this morning with his furminator and was quite chuffed with how he was looking. As we were on our little ramble round the grounds, two ladies stopped me and J dog saying how handsome he was and I really aught to brush him as they noticed he was moulting…… I politely mentioned that I had raked his fur earlier and that as a husky it was something they were prone to do, their parting words were ‘try putting some effort into it next time’ I walked off secretly hoping Jonsi would at least jump up at them or something…… he decided to be obedient and well behaved instead!

Argued most of the way home with the other half as to a name of a company…. still undecided, he wants to go all out and big, I want to keep it small and light. We came up with a great name, well he did and I agreed, it was Sonder, the realisation that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. Considering we are planning to do trainer training I thought it was quite fitting, however it has already been snapped up as a training company. – back to the drawing board.

October – Dwarfism Awareness Month

As we are in the middle of October and it’s dwarfism awareness month, how fitting would the blog post be if it was about dwarfism…… look no further! 🙂

I have been rubbish even acknowledging this on Facebook as I just don’t really post stuff anymore. I will rectify this by giving you guys a few facts about dwarfism and more specifically my condition which is Achondroplasia, which is the most popular type of dwarfism.

There are over 200 types of dwarfism, some effecting the skeletal development, some enzyme and some that nobody knows about and are currently not diagnosed.

Over 80% of people with dwarfism are born to average height parents. Both my mum and dad are both average height, I also have an average height sister.

We are 1 in 10,000 and despite what many people think, we have normal intelligence levels.

It’s not ok to take photos or film us without our consent, we are not zoo animals / local attractions, we are mothers, fathers, daughters, son’s nieces and nephews.

Don’t call us Midgets, we find it offensive! the correct term is someone of short stature, a little person or LP for short,(no pun intended)  a person with dwarfism or my favourite reference to my height….. Rebecca because that is my name and I am not defined by my height, just like you are not defined by your hair/ eye colour etc.

I won’t bore you with anymore details, but if you do want to know more feel free to check out more informative websites like http://www.littlepeopleuk.org or http://www.lpaonline.org