It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas……

My Amazon basket currently contains £235.97’s worth of stuff…. my bank account doesn’t contain that much…..! The struggle is real people!

Yesterday we had a gas leak and I’m now paranoid I’m suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning….. I keep feeling sick and headachey when I am home, fine when I am out and that is a symptom in itself apparently… but I think it’s me being dramatic and I am just stressed with planning birthdays and Christmas.

My doctor has arranged me and urgent MRI scan on my back, which is in extreme pain….. oddly haven’t whinged about it recently, I have a prolapsed disc and spinal stenosis. I feel like I have done something to it on top of that though. I can’t do anything, sit, stand, lie, walk, bend…. literally it’s a permanent pain that doesn’t seem to shift. Anyway, it’ll get mended soon, physically and mentally can’t wait until my op on Monday. Only a little day procedure so in and out jobby!

Anyway I am off to eat some cottage pie and think of nice warm beaches…..



Happy Sunday…..

It’s been so hectic the last week, I haven’t managed to update my blog at all. I seem to be saying this an awful lot, whenever I post anything.. it always contains an apology for not blogging previously. As you all know it’s Ben’s 30th birthday and I’m in full swing of getting everything ready… it’s hard to plan things for a person that has everything they want….

Today has been about relaxing, watching funny videos on youtube, eating pancakes and playing playstation kinda day. I’m reminded it’s less than 3wks till D-day and less than 4 until Christmas. I’m not as prepared as I would like to be at all..

I am counting down the days until I get paid, which means I can do the mammoth amazon shop I need to do in order to get everything, I have a to do list of lists to do if that even makes sense…. I also have had my Mac hacked, so I have to sort that out before I can get anything else done…..

So if you don’t see a post from me, I haven’t fallen off the end of the earth, I have been organising and planning my little (or not so little) backside off, ready to pull a 30th on a shoestring! #godhelpme

The day after his birthday, I thought about organising a spa day so ‘we’ could recover… and by that I mean, it’s going to be a relief once it’s all over for another 10yrs before the next big one!

Until next time……

Busy, Busy, Busy……..

I have been so busy with everything……… I haven’t had time to blog. I really want to go to bed but my house is a mess… the bins need putting out ready for collection tomorrow. I have no food in the house, this was measured by eating a can of ravioli for dinner, which was disgusting and I am still hungry. Aghhhhh, looking on the positive side, I have just qualified in an Eyebrow shape and define course and am now fully insured and qualified in Eyelash and eyebrow tinting, shaping, waxing and threading!

I looked at my diary last night for the first time in a week and realised it was today, thankfully I made it work and was able to attend. Old me would of freaked out, new me is ceasing the day! haha!

I have also taken another part time job to pay the bills, it’s hard work and working weird hours and I just don’t have enough time do get everything done. I also need to do a big shop for Ben’s birthday presents and organise the days activity. I just need a day off in which to do it.

Anyway, I need to summon the energy to put the bins out before I go to bed…. I hate putting them out in the dark! #bigwoosy!


Today for some reason I am feeling quite grateful, now I don’t know if it’s sleep deprivation that has clouded my brain, the three cups of coffee or the fact my lovely mum has come to stay for a couple of days and has literally done everything round the house without me even asking but I really am grateful for my life and family……. #bestmumever

It really has been one of them long stressful weekends, In the last 7 days I have driven over 1,000 miles, spending over £70 in petrol and finding out I’m practically on the scrapheap… my surgeons consultation ended up in him discovering I had a prolapsed disc in my spine as well as the narrowing of the spinal cord I already knew about. I was too exhausted to drive back down to London for my spinal injections on Saturday and had to cancel. I literally woke up at 3.30am and had that feeling of impending doom you usually get when you think something bad is about to happen. Now that may sound silly to some people but I have always found I am a really good judge of character and always know when something bad is about to happen.

Some time later that day I googled my journey and discovered there was a fatal accident in Watford where I would of driven through. Now while the timing was way out, it was at around 4am. Meaning I would of got there around 6am. I would of been held up in traffic and would of missed my 7am entry on to the ward, pre op etc. Coincidence Ben would say, I know it probably is. I still am grateful, although my back isn’t and currently hunched over my laptop in Costa’s already maxed out on painkillers.

My new job is going ok, I have got to go up to head office to enrol properly, I seemed to of passed the initial joining assessments and the tasks I had been given. I did some PA work for a client in Dubai, who wrote me a glowing review. I really do enjoy working from home too which is an added bonus.

Anyway, I have loads to do today so will go get on and do them.

Whoever said patience was a virtue?

I’m currently sat waiting in hospital in Cambridge, my appointment was at 2pm and it’s now 4.15pm. Does this mean he’s a good surgeon? Or that he takes his time with his patients?

I have spinal stenosis that’s worsening and sitting in a waiting room chair is not helping… I’m guessing they weren’t designed to be comfortable, I suppose standing waiting times are 10min here and there or 30min! Maybe an hour if your unlucky. Almost 2.5hrs is taking the piss!

I’ve driven 4hrs to be here, so it’s not like I can just go home and come back next week. It’s a horrendous drive and when you can’t sit for long periods of time it doesn’t bode well!

If anything I should be greatful, when I’m in pain I’m grouchy and to the point, the waiting room talk has been filled with stories of his crap bedside manner. I’ve met him before and he was hilarious maybe just a dry sense of humour. Anyway if he does get to the point I’ll be right back at ya! 

I have used my waiting time wisely, catching up with various admin tasks, firing off emails, catching up with family members etc. I also googled my surgeon and there is actually a site called rate my surgeon or something along those lines. Relief that he gets 5* from every single patient, although who goes online to rate the surgeon and who exactly complains online!

Anyway, still waiting! The people before me have just come out, so hopefully not long now! 🙂 

My hectic life…..

So, after having a whinge about the skiing fiasco, I now am going to have a quick whinge about life…… I came across this quote and could relate to it in more ways than one… not the porn bit though unfortunately. There certainly isn’t any porn playing on my computer, the bloody thing isn’t fast enough.

As I have continually mentioned, I have passed my Gel polish technician course and want to set up shop and make something of my life and have a glittering career etc etc. Anyway, apart from the fact I get no encouragement from his lordship and my family think it’s a bit of a fad. Anyway, my manicure table arrived today and it makes quite a decent laptop table for my little room. I will blog a post, if that even makes sense of my finished little sparkles room and show you all. I still haven’t mastered which brand of Gel polish to use, I have ordered a few and am waiting for them to arrive to start the durability testing etc.

I have also started a new job for a virtual PA company in the USA, so it’s basically online customer service working evenings from the comfort of my own home. I had done a couple of hours and was just over halfway of getting the magic amount to get a pay cheque when some jumped up American tosser decided to report me for rubbish customer service. Now something I am not rubbish at is customer service, I speak to people all day everyday and am nice, polite and courteous.

So I ended up getting suspended and the technical team has to investigate, meanwhile I now have to sort my internet out as apparently this has flagged the speed of my internet it not quite fast enough and I may be breaching my contract.

It never rains in my life, it just pisses down!!!

Skiing…. who knew!

So, I have been really busy trying to organise Ben’s 30th Birthday skiing trip…. he wanted to go with his brothers and make it a family affair….. they didn’t want to go and couldn’t afford it either. I decided to put my head down and organise something for him. I finally worked out the dates we can go and the destination I want to go too….. – for anyone that knows me, that in itself is a pure miracle.

However…. nothing can go quite so smoothly I hear you say. You would be right, nothing ever did run smooth in my life. We visited Ben’s parents last night and there was an announcement at the table….. I thought oh ok this is news. it’s also my bro in laws 18th Birthday, so presumed it was something to do with that as I knew there were plans in the pipeline. Anyway, low and behold my mother in law decided to drop the bombshell she had organised Ben to go skiing with his younger brothers and the small one turning 18…… to AMERICA!!

Now I know what your all thinking how darn nice is that…. but and there is a big but. I would have to pay for Ben to go Skiing and for everything, flights etc. They would be staying in a timeshare type apartment two hours from the nearest resort, only there for 4 days and on 3 of those days his other brother will be away in business meetings. That’s how it all came about, the older of the two that are going has to go there for business…. (all expenses paid for him) and thought he’d take the youngest with him, so he could be in America on his 18th Birthday however he too would have to pay for himself.

I may be completely stupid and horrible but I was preety pissed about this idea, firstly I had involved everyone in the plans I have and believe me I have quite a few plans. I have asked them all for certain things and nobody apart from his sister has got back to me. I think to myself, yeah all good of them and then at the last minute it’ll be me running around like a headless chicken and for them to take all the credit for the effort.

It turns out Ben was preety pissed too, firstly for them not involving me in the decision, I have been married to Ben for 7yrs now and have been quite close to his family. I am helping his mother out in her business too for god sake. Secondly because it was only 4 days and not on a skiing resort and not with all his brothers. Thirdly, I was on the phone to his mum a couple of days ago and asked her what she was planning for the youngests 18th and she said I have a plan. I asked what and she specifically didn’t tell me, when all along it was this trip.

Anyway I feel I can no breathe after getting it all out my system!

Thanks for reading Xx


























































































































































































































































































































































































Where are the days going??

The last few days have been very busy for me, I have had not time to even blog about it, which means I’ve forgotten half of what’s happened since the other day.

I have to say I did finally go and get my eye checked out and safe to say it’s been given the all clear. I spent an age wrapping my sister’s Christmas presents up and boy has she got a lot this year. I am mid way through sorting Ben’s 30th Birthday surprise day out, not getting much help in that department……

Today was spent walking dogs and driving to my mum’s. I have ordered a load of manicure stuff and am hoping to get started by the end of next week. I am just waiting on the manicure table coming and all the other bits…. I am excited, Ben doesn’t seem to think I would make any money. I am too indecisive on what polish brand to buy into, I quite liked OPI but that’s quite expensive for what it is, I don’t want to use CND.  So I have ordered a couple and will try them out on a few people, before I fully make up my mind. I would love the Madame Glam selection, but again don’t know……. it’s killing me.

Finally caved in and put the heating on, it was sooooo cold this morning and we were going out, I didn’t want my dog to be cold. I know he’s a husky but still!

I am off buying Christmas eve pj’s tomorrow, and getting some little bits….. that’s exciting at least. I feel like so much has happened but I don’t have much to say…… So hoping I’ll remember some of the exciting things that have happened.

Anyway, until I remember. x

This is how I’m working…..

This seems to be a new trend my dog has set, this is Marney on my lap. Yesterday I spent most of the day working in the same position on my dining room table. Marney usually jumps up with her two paws on my lap for a stroke. Now being a dwarf my lap space isn’t very big. She thought ‘worth a shot’ she jumped to sit on my lap and fell off the other side…… I laughed and thought it wouldn’t happen again. Well what do you know, earlier this morning, yet another day of being sat at the desk since 8.30am she jumped up and sat down on my lap. She is still led down on my lap as I type.

Today I am working for my mother in law, she runs her own training company and I’m doing some freelance work for her, sounds way more jumped up than it is. Basically I book people on her courses for commission. Day one I made a mint for a couple of hours work, haven’t earned enough to buy a loaf of bread since though. So worth a shot, if you live down south and want a first aid course or any training course give me a shout. I am fairly certain I can organise it.

Still no further forward on my career, I have doctors tomorrow and they are going to give me some crappy news, I knew already. I’m not looking forward to it…. I had routine bloods and its a contact the doctor. I am quite an ill person, I visit the doctors surgery at least once a month and know them all. The receptionist said you need to make an appointment, I asked what my levels were and she told me, needless to say a quick look on google has indeed confirmed my beliefs but I guess that’s a blog for tomorrow when I get it confirmed 100%. Sound’s more ominous then it’s intended. It’s not Cancer at least, not that I know of.

Until tomorrow or later when I’m procrastinating and should be doing something else other than updating my life on my blog.


What a day…..

Today all I have done is sort my Facebook page out, and change those widgets at the side of this blog. I mean since 8.30am I have tried to upload a photo in html…. don’t get me wrong I have done other bits inbetween. I’ve been orgnaising Ben’s 30th Birthday, playing with dogs. Booking injections in London hospital, organising my driving license to drive Ben’s company car.

But seriously html, why don’t they teach that in schools. I mean they might do now, but I sure as hell wasn’t taught code.

I have so much left to do and it’s already 15.30!! where is the time going…..! I also found the quote of my life, so I’ll post that below.