It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas……

My Amazon basket currently contains £235.97’s worth of stuff…. my bank account doesn’t contain that much…..! The struggle is real people!

Yesterday we had a gas leak and I’m now paranoid I’m suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning….. I keep feeling sick and headachey when I am home, fine when I am out and that is a symptom in itself apparently… but I think it’s me being dramatic and I am just stressed with planning birthdays and Christmas.

My doctor has arranged me and urgent MRI scan on my back, which is in extreme pain….. oddly haven’t whinged about it recently, I have a prolapsed disc and spinal stenosis. I feel like I have done something to it on top of that though. I can’t do anything, sit, stand, lie, walk, bend…. literally it’s a permanent pain that doesn’t seem to shift. Anyway, it’ll get mended soon, physically and mentally can’t wait until my op on Monday. Only a little day procedure so in and out jobby!

Anyway I am off to eat some cottage pie and think of nice warm beaches…..



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