Christmas was deffo eventful as per usual. My family consists of 3 people, my mum, me and my sister. That’s it, sure I have aunts and uncles on my mums side. Nobody at all on my dads side, not even my dad. So we tend to do things as a 3 a lot. We are especially close.

This year I was invited with him to his son’s Christmas morning opening presents. We have been together 6.5yrs and his son is 8. It was the first Christmas I had seen him open the presents we got him, also the first year we didn’t get the big presents. (sod’s law) – yeah don’t bother coming next Christmas I’m sure he’s thinking….

So we decided to do things a little different, in previous years I have spent Christmas morning with my family, cooking them Christmas dinner, having starters before heading to his parents in the late afternoon, early evening and eating dinner there. This year was different, I decided to cook Christmas dinner on Christmas eve as we were leaving at 7am the following morning and not coming back till late as we were heading straight to his parents for the afternoon. It’s a 2hr drive from our house to his parents house, but 1hr from his son’s to his parents. So we got there at 2pm and left around 8.30pm. I left a little abruptly, but I had pre warned everyone I was going at 8pm and we were seeing them all the following day as it’s my bro in laws birthday and we were all going out for a meal and my mum and sister had been alone all day.

So we got home just after 10.30pm and spent the rest of the evening opening our presents from my family and him. It was nice to get into bed on Christmas evening and have a lie in on boxing day, it was the first time I had relaxed since his birthday.

Coincidently this is the only picture I really took over Christmas,  I was enjoying the moments as opposed to capturing them. We didn’t plan or realise we had matching black polo necks on! :’)



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