My Dog ( and sister)

Today I came across a forum I’m subscribed to on facebook for dog training etc. It’s one of them I look at and wonder why all these people are complaining about there dogs, if only that was the only problem my dog had…. maybe if I wasn’t so soft they wouldn’t walk all over me….. literally!!!

Anyway the subject was counter surfing and how this lady had a problem with her dog surfing and pulling anything off the side down. Now I can certainly sympathise, my husky in the picture above is a counter surfer and after 5yrs still does it. I am 4ft 2, so putting things out of reach of him is also putting them out of reach myself. My stool does come in very handy for that… and putting meat to defrost in the oven. However he has learned to climb and balance on the stool and open the oven door. So I had to buy a microwave and that is now where I keep any meat I need defrosting.

The latest victim to my dog was a cherry pie that was cooked to perfection and cooling down in the oven, when himself came to serving it up, the oven door was open and there were remenants of cherry in every crevis and on the floor. He deffo keeps us on our toes.

I do want to stress I love him dearly and for all his traits and flaws, he’s still perfect. When he escapes less frequent then it used to be, he always lets us know. At least three out of the 30 times he has escaped, he’s come to tell me he’s escaped. Literally escaped out of two houses back gardens and come through the front door to tell me he’s got out and then disappeared in the yonder. If you don’t give chase he catches you up, he never wonders too far. Don’t get me wrong he has killed numerous chickens, maimed a duck called pancake cook (I kid you not), chased sheep, tried to nip a cow, eaten a wall, and jumped into a filthy pond when he was freshly groomed. He’s been my rock, therapist, friend and has shown me loyalty.

He will never know the amount of love I have for him……



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