New Year’s………

We never ever do anything for New Years ever, well not since being together. I used to go out or have people round my house. Once we were going out with my friends, but himself was like, err I don’t want to be in a pub for New Year so we went for a walk around the town I lived in and since then we haven’t planned or done anything. Each year it comes around I say we are deffo doing something next year for New Years, each year comes around and we don’t do anything. Ideally I would love a late dinner with my family and friends and toast the New Year with full bellies and tired from all the laughing. There is always next year……..

This year we had the little Mr, who is actually taller than me…. it actually turned out quite nice, playing games on the playstation, we had our hot chocolates ready for the toast and he facetimed his mum at 11.55pm and I phoned my mum and sister on loudspeaker and we all watched Robbie Williams and the countdown and fireworks of Big Ben. So not too distant to my dream New Year’s eve really.

I haven’t got any resolutions this year, I will try and focus on being more positive as having anxiety tends to suck the positivity of most situations. Blog more and focus on doing things for myself. I made the biggest purchase of my life to treat myself, a pair of uggs. They were £120 on amazon, so I checked their website and I bought 3 pairs for the same price! there is my logic right there! OMG I don’t want to wear them or get the dirty or wear them out. They are packed neatly away in there boxes apart from one pair I am taking to Andorra next week. I can’t ski because or my back, so just going to mooch and have a wander round the country for 1 week! I hear the shopping mal and spa resort are a must……


Happy New Year Everyone!


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