The Birthday’s Now Over

So if you follow my blog, you’ll see that I was stressing like crazy over his 30th birthday…. glad to say that as well as Christmas and New year is now over. The final plan for his birthday worked out to cover 30 presents and things over 3 days. Noimg_94001tice a theme here?

The first day was Ricky Gervais in Bournemouth as well as dinner in his favourite restaurant. We were meant to stay at his Aunt’s house in Bournemouth but ended up staying at his bro’s house. We literally went to bed at 3am and was up and out the house by 8am the following day.

The second day I took him to Milton Keynes to go skiing, bought him all the gear to go with it and we went and had a nosy round the shop, a meal out was meant to be at this renowened mediteranian restaurant and guess what… fully booked and couldn’t fit us in even for a takeaway. We ended up arguing over it… and I can’t even remember where we ate eventually.

His actual birthday was as eventful as the previous two days. Himself decided he didn’t want to spend the eve of his 30th at our house and instead wanted to go to a hotel cue a last minute change of plans and panic stations. I decided I was going to do a photo montage and needed to make it portable, so I cut out the 30 in cardboard,covered it and then cut the photos accordingly. Believe it or not it was a full afternoon’s work.

So I woke him up quite early bless him…. as we needed to be out by 8am. I gave him his presents and the 3rd of many envelopes. I treated him to a breakfast and spa package at the Lido Spa in Clifton. Reassured it was a heated outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, hot tub etc. Thought how perfect for the beginning of his 30th Year. The pool was a warm 25c, let me tell you on the 17th December in the bitter cold 25c is freezing. Not tepid, warm or inviting FREEZING. Now being a dwarf in a 5ft deep pool is hard work enough, being a dwarf in a freezing cold 5ft pool results in one length and I’m out. I spent the remainder of the morning in steam room, sauna and mainly hot tub, while himself flitted between all of them… he was a brave man that day!

The breakfast was to die for though and we remained sufficiently full for the following family activity or laser tag, which was hilarious. I was heading of straight after in order to decorate the table for his birthday meal which was Za Za’s in Bristol. It involved driving across town, anyway himself was pre occupied with the boys while I slipped away, his mum offered help which I accepted and then in order for her to come, she said to bring his Dad along who was driving, then that meant his sister and her husband had to come as they didn’t know where they were going. So what was meant to be me diving out of there ended up taking ages and being such an obvious kerfuffle.

You would think it would go smoothly there in… oh no my loves. His sister needed socks as she didn’t pack long enough ones I kid you not, chose that moment on the way to the car to look for socks. After not finding any in the first two shops and waiting a further 10 more min in another shops, I left them to it and headed straight to the restaurant. I was not letting my husband on his 30th birthday arrive to an undecorated table. I abandoned the car and rushed sweating my freshly made face to the restaurant and decorated 5 min before they arrived. His sister and the rest followed a full 10 min later. Thankfully I left and that was one drama over with.

So when Mr changed his mind on where he was staying on his birthday night, I informed everyone we would not be here and anyone that wanted to stay in out house was more than welcome. Apparently his sister didn’t get that message which she had replied to and ended up saying she had nowhere to stay that night. Well drama ensued and in the end I had to book them a hotel to stay in and it did detract slightly from his birthday….. Family eh!

Because the restaurant kicked us out quite early at 8pm. I was not informed it was a 2hr slot in the evening, I knew lunch was limited but not dinner. Anyhow it was sooo chaotic, we ended up being back in the hotel by 9pm. Not very rock and roll, in the end we drank his mini bar present and had a cigarette each by the lake the hotel had.

So that is now over for 10yrs before his 40th! 9 Years and 335ish days to recover!


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