It’s Been a While……

So, my laptop got nicked out my car…. well I think it was my car. I lost it a while and haven’t found it and never lock my car as its a heap of crap and the remote central locking is broken. So I’ve borrowed my sisters laptop for now with the promise to either lock my car or take it out wherever I go, I’m hoping she wont ask for it back but hey ho we can all be wishful thinkers.

I haven’t updated my blog in a while it turns out. This is for a few reasons, 1- see above paragraph, 2- my blog was hijacked by someone trying to sell stuff, I don’t know why or how ( I invested £10 in a ‘how to’ book in the hopes of finding out) 3- life.

I also need to recover my icloud account (which takes days according to apple) so I can access my photos in order to try and make this blog a little more intresting…. ( insert laughing emoji here) – This netbook I’m using relies solely on the internet, which means I am procrastinating like a goodun until one day my life falls into place or I win the lottery!



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