Nespresso Extraordinaire

My name is Rebecca I am 28yrs old…. I am currently setting up my own business and not procrastinating by creating a blog / online diary. I am married to Ben my AH husband and have two crazy dogs Jonsi a Huskamute & Marney a Manchester Terrier. My life is 80% boring and 20% less boring.

The 20% less boring is because I am a dwarf and stand at 4ft 2in tall. Technically it’s 4ft 1 and a 1/2 but lets face it we were all taught anything 5 and over to round up! The AH bit in front of husband stands for average height, which is what us short folk call you ‘normal’ people.

I would include a family picture here, however I have a new computer to setup my little business and can’t for the life of me remember my facebook login email or password for the life of me………..

Check back later and I may of cracked it….