Welcome to Coffee & Sparkle…..

So…..you’ve stumbled across my blog and wonder how the hell you ended up here, that makes us both wondering why we are here. I decided to write a blog or for me an online diary because let’s face it you want to slag someone off deep in the satisfaction they don’t ever end up reading it or finding your journal. Instead post it publicly safe in the knowledge nobody will read it.

Anyway, I share my life with my commitment phobic husband (yeah ironic) and my 2 crazy dogs who are probably 90% of the funny stories I have, we’ve just moved house and are currently renovating, although Netflix is getting in the way of the renovations.

I will no doubt update every day for a week and then not bother for a good month or 8 as it turns out, so until I realise I haven’t updated and therefore update every day for another week and you get the drift…!

This blog is quite personal and quite frankly will probably bores the pants off you and me both. I used to write a diary well more like rant in a journal, but unfortunately people kept invading my privacy and reading through it. Funnily enough less people will read this!


Enjoy the journey Xx